A green forging company


Forge Shop

  • 12 T and 10 T Kramatorsk pneumatic Russian closed die forging hammers
  • MPM Huta Zymunt 6300 B Polish pneumatic closed die forging hammers
  • Belt drop closed die hammers (2T, 2.5T)
  • Presses (Haniel and Lueg 1500 T Hydraulic Press, Skoda 1250 T Hydraulic Press, Fritz Muller 650 Hydraulic Press, Lasco 350 T hydraulic and Ficep 690 T friction screw)
  • Ring Rolling Wagners (German) Radial Axial RAW 50/32, RW 200/4500 and Banning 1250
  • 6 T, 1 T Open forging Massey hammers

Machine Shop

  • Turning Centers (LMW and Doosan)
  • VMCs (Makino, Doosan, TAL and Cosmos)
  • HMCs (Doosan, TAL)
  • VTL(Doosan)

Heat treatment

  • Continuous heat treatment plant (500kgs/hr and 1000kgs/hr)
  • Batch type Gas HT plant with charging mechanism
  • Electric furnaces